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Its like a constant mind game im struggling to overcome. Ive been trying so hard to fake confidence but i just dont know how long i can pretend im so bloody exhaustes from this.


I have severe form of social phobia, i literally have no where in my life except my room where i feel comfortable. I really want a g. Im just scared of people thinking im weak.

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I know i have to be strong and keep going but its making me so sad, im looking into mu future and i see nothing like i have no control over my life. Im sick of feeling exhausted everyday from this. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

If she's looking at your mouth a lot, she most likely wants to kiss you. If she laughs at shit you say that isn't even funny, she probably likes you. Being commanding is a good way to be with girls. Say you're making out and it's getting really heated, telling her to get on top of you is much more sexy to her than you asking her what she wants to do next. Before you go out with her next time, try looking in the mirror and shout out some of the great qualities you have and get cocky with it because confidence will get you anywhere you want if you have enough of it.

It's really all about experience, as you date more you'll get better and better, but for now just try and work on getting that first kiss because that's the toughest part, after that you're in. Personally, I'll wait until were alone and stare right into her eyes and say "I'm gonna kiss you" in a calm, slow, charming voice. After you get the first kiss, rub her thigh with your hand and with the other play with her hair.

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If she likes you she will want to be with you. Eliminate Social Anxiety Shyness: Related Questions Social anxiety and dating? In your case it might not do either of you much good. See if you can create a little distance in your relationship, as in don't see him all that much for a month of so.

Girls, would you date someone with OCD & anxiety?

Tell him you want this space to see if it can help you improve your anxiety and depression and ask him to help you out there. You can still be in touch, maybe just don't see each other every day besides school. Maybe only every other day or once in 3 days. You can still text or email or whatever if that's something you do, but make sure you don't see each other every day besides school.

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After a month see if that made any difference for the better. If that's the case you know that at least for now it's best to keep a little more distance.. If it doesn't help and you don't feel things are improving then maybe you should take a break, or really break up.

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  • That might not be what you wanted to hear, but the truth is you need to focus on you for the moment. Get a handle on your anxiety and depression.

    Advice On Dating People With Social Anxiety -- ft. MattFike

    Because if you can't get along with yourself it's hard to get along with others as well, no matter how much you care about the person. Being anxious is hard on you, but it's hard on those around you as well. Same is true for a depression. Knowing you negatively affect someone you deeply care about isn't helping either and sometimes a break is what you need.

    If you should or should not take the medication your psychologist is recommending is of course up to you, but if you don't take these then try something else like meditation or mindfulness classes for example.

    What’s it’s like to date when you have social anxiety

    Find a way for yourself to be less anxious and depressed so you can have a good life and with it good relationships, romantic or otherwise. This was my exact situation 2 years ago, but I had no idea what was wrong with me, I didn't know I was suffering from mental health problems, I thought I was just being dumb and overthinking everything. For some reason, the thoughts 'this isn't going to work in the long term, it just isn't, i don't know why but i know it isn't' kept going through my mind, even though i KNEW he loved me so much. I loved him too, but because I was a little crazy and those thoughts kept consuming me for no reason at all, I thought it would be better if we broke up.

    So I broke up with him and it killed me, yikes. Not sure why I did it But then I kind of realized that the reason I doubted everything in the first place was because I wasn't getting the emotional and mental support I needed in the relationship. I craved a soul mate who knew me, who understood me more than I understood myself, someone who could see the insides of me and think the way I do. I wasn't getting that from the relationship and it made me even more anxious. I'm not sure why I told that story but I think you should either recontemplate what makes you happy - and look for it.

    Whatever coping mechanism you have for your depression and anxiety currently, whether it be writing or painting or looking at beautiful scenery, or watching netflix while indulging in a glass of wine or whatever, do it. I refuse to start medication because it's going to be a long, long road of dependency and recovery and I'm always trying my best to cope and do what I can. As for your boyfriend, open up to him, tell him how you feel, explain every little feeling that you have, you might be surprised - he might understand everything.

    As the TV commercial asks: If you have a strong supportive mate, then that's half the battle. You must first, seek medical attention, by seeing your family physician.

    The two go hand in hand. Being in therapy will help you to find out why you have anger, that is unexplainable. Ask your therapist what reading material would best help you in your situation. I wish you all the best! When you are with her give her your full attention.