Frum dating sites

We need to do our utmost to help our singles create happy and successful marriages.

Tell us about yourself, Moshe. I understand that you are a relationship counselor and psychotherapist? I have been working with singles and couples for over 15 years. What always struck me in my practice was that couples who were compatible were truly happier in their marriage.

Frum dating sites

I was so intrigued by this concept that I investigated the research that was done by psychologists in this area. Corroborating my observations, the research findings were unequivocal that personality compatibility leads to increased satisfaction in marriage. I then made a commitment to do something to help ameliorate the difficulties so many frum singles face.

After the single registers, he or she takes a research-based questionnaire that takes minutes to complete. At this point, the single is immediately presented with a list of highly compatible profiles which are screened for personality, age, hashkafah, and other personal preferences.

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The single can choose to communicate via an in-house email system or through a shadchan. The response has been overwhelming Almost 2, singles have joined since we launched in July.

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The site also has a wealth of information for daters. These diseases are serious, and many are life altering or fatal to children born with them. Carriers are healthy people who are not affected by the gene they carry. Most medical authorities recommend genetic screening before a first pregnancy.

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The Jewish community uses two forms of testing:. Dor Yeshorim's confidential matching service - Dor Yeshorim screens for a number of common Jewish genetic diseases.

Matching System

Individuals don't receive the results of the screening. The individual receives a list of the conditions that were screened and a copy of the results of the testing. Many of the programs offer genetic counseling. Some of the screening programs in the U. Center for Jewish Genetics in Chicago for Illinois residents - www.

Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles - Five Towns Shidduch Club. Jewish singles organization aimed at helping Jewish Singles with Special Needs get connected. Specializes in singles with medical issyes seeking a shidduch. Names remain only within our group of shadchanim and are revealed to a prospective match only after we receive the appropriate consent.

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Baruch Hashem, much attention has been given to shidduchim lately. However, a very important group of people has not been sufficiently addressed. I am referring to many excellent frum boys and girls who have a medical issue or some physical disability.