Tf2 matchmaking release

With the removal of auto-balance and ad-hoc connections, casual games quickly became deserted. Within minutes, 1 of the teams would obviously become the "winner" which lead to 1 or 2 from the other team to abandon making the game even more imbalanced, leading to more abandons. It only took a minute or 2 for the snowball leaving the server empty, far too quickly for the game coordinator to fill slots. I'm glad there's a hidden rank behind it now. No more games where it's 12 premier players with 15, hours against 5 Juan. Jesus Christ, people born in are now old enough to be playing the same video games as I am.

I think I'm having an existential crisis now. You could always leave and join another server when there isn't any rank penalty involved There's not even enough players in OCE to find a decent game sometimes. You leave one stomp only to join of the other two stomps that are running, or you join a shitty CTF game on a worthless map like 2fort. I haven't played in a while, but finding a community of servers always seemed to be the best way to play the game. If one server becomes one sided, just hop on to the next one Yeah, but server browsers conflict with MM.

If someone finds an almost server via MM and somebody else joins that exact same server via the browser with a faster connection , the guy matched via MM cant join etc etc. In this regard I understand why it was removed. You know the very first thing that happens when a client tries to connect to a server is that the server reserves a slot? You can't steal somebody elses server slot by having a "faster connection". Servers used to have distinct communities and cultures. You'd join, you'd see the same regulars. You'd play mostly in a certain way.

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If you felt like actually playing the game and trying to win, you'd join one of the many servers with a more serious culture. If you wanted to fuck around and emote constantly, you'd join a server for that, usually one with all talk. Valve servers and match making killed that.

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No more nocrit servers. No more servers kicking people who were essentially afk, or with all talk for the people who wanted to hit "g" over and over while hanging out. No more tuning the game to your liking. Just the same, homogeneous experience for everyone. It smashed everyone together too, creating conflict. Want to play seriously?

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Too bad, there's a bunch of jackasses on your team dancing in spawn. Enjoy the perpetual 5v Want to just dance around the map? Too bad, there are people killing you everywhere you go. It killed the community part of TF2, and it was completely unnecessary. It was a lazy, halfass solution to the problem of advertising in servers, because Valve wanted to spend the minimum amount of effort. People who are AFK or cheating are getting kicked fast too. I like the community part of TF2, in fact that's why I started playing, but it's not fucking dead.

Team Fortress 2 patch overhauls matchmaking, revamps competitive mode - VG

I'd like Valve to embrace the use of the browser more too, maybe by redesigning it looks like a mess to many new players or making community rewards like in Dota. But as it is right now, the community part is luckily not dead. Quickplay for community servers, official gamemodes and community ones.

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  • Most of my favorite gamemodes, even official ones, are still populated. If you think TF2 is not dead try finding community servers with map rotation with at least 24 players. Good ole days had tons of these, now I can't find more than 1. Also that website is a godsend. Anyway a game with Doublecross was just an example for how shitty matchmaking is, because when you vote for a map which isn't popular the matchmaking server just dies.

    Every new update for this piece of shit game is like a twist of the knife. It was my favorite multiplayer game and they fucking destroyed it to scam F2P children out of their pocket money. They're currently in the process of destroying servermods, player hosted servers, and custom maps by implementing matchmaking. All because they decided it wasn't good enough to have a hugely popular, successful product, they needed to make it free with a shop so they could scam people into buying worthless virtual trash.

    My biggest gripe with gaming today. If you look at stress test three, their servers could not even handle all the users. I believe they have a 9v9 game mode in the works as they obviously want to represent all Weapons and Classes to ease Pub players into the competitive scene and that I've seen 9v9 in the stats page during the stress test.

    Matchmaking is a long way from over. Originally posted by Algee kickback. Bonhomie View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Alpaca Sam:.

    Team Fortress 2 patch overhauls matchmaking, revamps competitive mode

    Originally posted by Bonhomie:. We do have a Matchmaking release date When the things done Originally posted by Kitt Stargazer:. Luto View Profile View Posts. This algorithm works excellently in 1v1 games , like Street Fighter, Starcraft or obviously Chess. It does not work in a team setting, where twelve people compete against another twelve people. It can't possibly work where whether you win or lose is even partially dependent on how well your teammates support you or how well your enemies support each other. Granted, the algorithm is utilized in Formula 1 racing, where there are technically "teams" of people behind each car The pit crew isn't rated based on how fast they do their jobs and queued accordingly.

    It's strictly "where did the single entry car, racer, etc. Thus it can be surmised that what CS: L ratio, and perhaps even K: D but placed on teams according to It's impossible to know without Valve outright telling us. Valve is using an algorithm meant to measure individual vs. If we're going to slowly kill off community servers, do we really need to replace it with this system that doesn't seem to work?

    I've enjoyed this game for 10 years and I'd like to continue doing so, and that's going to be impossible if I and other players are effectively punished for doing well. I'm considering doing a much larger experiment with more accounts, varying W: Let me know what you think of my findings, if the methodology could be improved and so on.

    Valve forced to rethink Team Fortress 2’s casual matchmaking

    Nice work, makes for good reading and explains a fair bit the kind of experiences most of us go through. I think the most significant limitations on this kind of study are the win: If you were going to conduct further tests it might be worth finding additional players to help out? I think that the reason for unbalanced games is that many people still doesn't have certain enought elo. Just like in competitive, the best games are when most of the players have low elo volatility.

    Good work, and interesting results. I already wondered why I keep getting matched into teams that get rolled while my low hour friends only get good teams. D on a match, the system just place with me very experienced players on the next round and I got destroyed by them, and everytime it happened, I will be matched with people with almost the same level as me but playing very badly on the next round and the cycle repeats, it's not fun at all..

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    TF2 Matchmaking Preview - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Most games for me go like this: Just confirming that everything this experiment has found is consistent with what I have found, except that this has been happening since day 1 of matchmaking. I found zero change as a result of the glicko system. The easiest I had it was on day one due to low rank and a less aggressive matching system Valve released an update mentioning that they were making matchmaking more balanced to "prevent one-sided matches" - it actually made them even more one sided. Nobody with a decent set of stats is allowed to play this mode "casually".

    They must carry or be spawn camped all round. On average, only members of my team with myself included will have a positive KTD. Most games I'm matched into are on the cusp of ending. I lose 7 games to every 1 win, and almost every game, including the win, is a roll. Constantly have to votekick scouts, spies, and snipers with scores of 2: I am constantly matched in versus 6 stacks, instead of them getting other 6 stacks to contest them. Since they put back in mandatory autobalance, a lot of the games where I would have won I instead lose due to that hitting me.

    It is the single worst matchmaking system I have ever had the displeasure of being a part of. It needs to change. I imagine this is why a lot of the decent players are no longer playing TF2.