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We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Preparatory works for the project started in Tours—Bordeaux high-speed rail project involves civil engineering structures.

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Image courtesy of Michel Garnier. Construction of the project started in mid and was completed in early The line is scheduled to open for passengers in July The line passes through Centre, Poitou-Charentes, and Aquitaine regions, as well as through six departments of France. It reduces the journey time between Paris and Bordeaux by approximately one hour. As many as 20 million passengers can take advantage of the high-speed transport service on the new line. The project created 4, temporary jobs during construction and will generate permanent jobs in the operation and maintenance stages.

It will also free up the existing Tours-Bordeaux line for more freight and regional express train traffic. The Tours-Bordeaux High-Speed Rail Project was advanced as part of an integrated plan for developing national and European high-speed railway networks. Preliminary studies on the Tours-Bordeaux line were conducted between and Early design studies were completed in , while the process for selecting the concessionaire started in Project implementation followed concession contract award in June The Tours-Bordeaux High-Speed Rail line was built through a year concession contract, the largest of its kind.

The new high-speed line will be km long, connecting the cities of Le Mans and Rennes. The concession contract includes financing, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the project for 50 years.

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The line passes through 19 viaducts and seven cut-and-cover tunnels. The project involved construction of civil engineering structures in total. The contents of this website are for educational purposes and are not intended to offer personal medical advice. Medical assessment DH This form is to be completed by the client and their health care professional to provide information about the client's medical condition Download Medical assessment DH - PDF File Swahili is a widely spoken language in Sub-Saharan Africa. Are you familiar with some Swahili words or phrases like Jambo and Hakuna Matata?

I'd like to show you how to learn Swahili. Closely linked to religious beliefs and practice are forms of medical healing.

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English-Swahili Glossary: Medical Terms - by Amani Kayihura - Caduceus Caduceus This post provides information about the African American originated holiday "Kwanzaa" and specifically explores why that holiday uses terms from the Swahili language. This book is for doctors, nurses and other clinicians working or living in East Africa. Page 3. For words which have no direct equivalent a Swahili definition is given, sometimes lengthy but always clear and adequate.

In the past, the trip The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic adjective 'set out on a journey', or, in other words, pack up equipment ready for travel. A collection of useful phrases in Swahili, a Bantu language spoken in much of east Africa by about million people. Both in Kenya and in Tanzania, the official language is Swahili along with English.

It allows short-range connections between two or more Bluetooth-compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headsets or medical equipment. Need to translate "medical student" to Swahili?

Just browse the modern Swahili babies names shortlist Swahili name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Swahili baby name of your choice. Lesson Diseases Diseases [magonjwa] A. Swahili belongs to a large language family, called Bantu. The Swahili people are made up of around , people who also go by the name of Waswahili.

Swahili Dem.

You can pick up the best Swahili names of your choices along with meaning, popularity, numerology, comments and many more. Swahili - Religion and Expressive Culture. Gabriel L. Current and future academic terms are updated daily. Positive responses are the norm, even more so than in the west.

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Useful Swahili phrases. A wide range of clinical and practical topics is covered in detail. Browse the store for affordable and effective Audio Language Courses for all levels and styles! Gastrointestinal G. Click on any of the non-English phrases that are links blue to hear them spoken. Herbal medicines and possession by "doctors" are employed, as well as prayer and ritual purification. Wakati unapomuona daktari, utahitaji kulipa mgao wako wa ziara hiyo. Thank you. Kunywa- Meaning to drink.

Apart from the fact that Zanzibar is a land of attractive carvings, spices and fruits, it is also a land of friendliness. Sampath Kumar Kidney in Telugu. WCMC is a c 3 organization, therefore your donation is tax deductible. Krishnan Srinivasan Swahili language, geographic rather than linguistic classification of languages spoken on the African continent.

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California Department of Health Services. The revised English - Swahili Dictionary is a contemporary and easy - to - use reference book for all users whose mother tongue is Swahili. Swahili is a Bantu language, the first spoken language of the Swahili people, and a lingua franca of the African Great Lakes Region and the Swahili Coast. Health and Well-Being 11 - Emergency Room medical - Meaning in Swahili, what is meaning of common in Swahili dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Swahili and English.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Sahani ya Mlo unaofaa, Terms of Use.

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Diseases afkani [heart disease] donda [ulcers] glakoma [glaucoma] homa [fever] homa ya manjano [yellow fever] presented, followed by a discussion of the new terms in Swahili. Further information about this book is available Caduceus is the quarterly publication of the Medical Division of the American Translators Association. Michael Kimberly Dental Useful Swahili phrases.

Perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean against a sun-drenched backdrop, the Swahili Coast is among Africa's most distinct regions. Use these links to find health information in languages other than English. Hata kama una bima, utahitajika kwa kawaida kulipia baadhi ya gharama hiyo wewe mwenyewe. Whereas English grammatical inflections occur at the end of the word, in Swahili everything is done at the beginning.

The set of terms actually used in any business, art, science, or the like; nomenclature; technical terms; as, the terminology of chemistry. The medical field deals with mental health, diseases, symptoms, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and other medical practices. GoTranscript has offered professional translation services for more than 11 years, and has also gathered a team of translators, editors, and managers who love their job.

Daktari mpasuaji ameagiza muuguzi kusafisha tumbo ya mgonjwa kabla ya upasuaji. Understanding of medical prefixes, suffixes and roots. The data is only saved locally on your computer and never transferred to us. This book should prove very useful to anyone working in a hospital, clinic or refugee camp in countries where Swahili is spoken.

Officially the term for this language is Kiswahili, a member of the Bantu language family that is spoken by several ethnic groups living from the Mozambique Channel from the northern part of Kenya up to the northern coast of Mozambique. Upunda Kidney in Tamil.

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Bantu languages are spoken by probably more than million people in the countries that cover most of the southern half of Africa. Search our directory for a physician or provider who best matches your healthcare needs. Our Swahili to English translations are done by people who are not only experts of the languages, but also have expertise in particular fields like law, medicine, business, and so on.