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The intentionally awkward video became a viral sensation this past spring — it has snagged nearly 9 million YouTube views to date — and sent people flocking to healthcare. While that video and its bone dry sense of humor worked for Obamacare, some state campaigns have fallen short of the mark when they tried to be hip or punny. A musical ad for Cover Oregon, most often described as a twee Wes Anderson ripoff, was widely panned.

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It spawned a parody on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver , with singer Lisa Loeb performing an acoustic ditty in a frame-by-frame smackdown of the quirky spot. And high-end Chubb Insurance, in a just-launched television and print ad campaign, focuses on some bad choices —- baking on a tanning bed, eloping in Vegas -— to drive home the point about being level-headed in protecting your home and investments. Executives at ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein wanted to humanize the insurance company and tweak the perception that Chubb is only for the super rich.

Later, not so much. Ironically, they are most adept at defacing themselves in brilliant, creative, and sometimes rambling diatribe. But on further examination it is not ironic; this method is the how they make up for their professed faults — displaying their unabashed and brutal honesty in highly entertaining autobiographicals.

Here in Ireland we have never heard of The Onion and basketball is very much a minority sport.

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  8. Then, after doing so, unbutton the tie, take a deep breath, and get over yourself. This is a comedy blog. Haha, laugh, laugh, har, har, LOL and all that. Maybe that will make you feel better about us.

    Actually it just scares me. Would rather die than watch Monty Python, find the Simpsons just mildly amusing and have only casually glanced at the Onion. Detroit suburbs, Grand Rapids, and college towns. Those whites better tighten their perimeter security. The sooner we raise the level of the blacks the less worry and money will have to be used to support them.

    The 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought Fake News Was Real

    Leave Obama alone, I will have more money when he is done, McCain dead, and Sarah rides out of town on a moose. Ireland, white, what the hell are you talking about? Where did you get that notion? I seriously need to get in touch with my white-ness. I have never heard of The Onion until this website.

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    Too predictable and a little dated. SNL on the other hand…. Says it all really……. I beg to differ.

    Student-run parody website takes off

    Ireland needs to fix its bad immigration policies fast before it becomes another dysfuctional multi-cult hell hole. I despise Anglophilia in all its forms. British humor is not funny, and I detest Americans who think that by displaying an interest in British pop culture, literature, it makes them appear high-brow.

    Generally I find that people who identify with Britain without having actual British roots just get off on the snobbish implications associated with English accents. What do they find funny then? Hating republican leaders 2. Clinging to silly notions Not elected 3. Earnest pendantic overexamination 4. Ha, ha, a plug for a plug! Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.

    Matt Groening is a Jew? I had no idea. If Groening is a Jew, everyone is! Obama is a Jew! Sarah Palin is a Jew!!!! McCain is a Jew! HA i have an onion rss feed right next to my stuff white people like feed. Have you actually been to South Africa? I spent several months there and as a young, white female was treated with more respect and courtesy by black men than by white men.

    This Hilarious Onion Parody Commercial of Cheesy Dating Websites Is Absolutely Perfect

    Most of South Africa is not a hellhole. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in my opinion. Fuck— maybe I am, after all…. Are you a Person On The Internet, by any chance?

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    I take it from your post that you are. This means that you like Arrested Development; accordingly your opinion on all matters, and particularly comedy, should be immediately disregarded. This is one reason why you are an appalling person. Many others are evident. I just saw the review of your book in my new issue of The Atlantic. Is that ironic or what? That is coincidental and not all that unexpected. Maybe if you read the review in Vibe your experience could be a little bit ironic. I gotta check it out. Please check ME out here: The only thing I ever used to read on the Onion were the horoscopes because they were uncannily accurate for me.

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    I can bitch about her all I want but the minute someone else says something bad about her I get on the defensive. Well, I suppose I could, uh, work in a shop of some kind or… or do uh… freelance… selling of some sort of…uh… product, you know… Marty: A salesman, you think you …. A salesman, like, mabye in a haberdasher, or maybye like a…uh a chapeau shop, or something…you know, like: Uh…seven and a quarter.

    Yeah…you think you be happy doing something like- Nigel: You only live once. Schiller then paused briefly to put on sunglasses, his eyes not yet fully readjusted to normal daytime light levels. Despite having ignored three phone messages from friends the previous day—urging Schiller to go to the beach, attend an outdoor concert, and go for a hike in nearby Olympic National Park, respectively—so that he could open several Internet browser tabs to various pornographic video clips and allow them to load simultaneously to prevent interruption while he masturbated, Schiller stressed the importance of experiencing everything life has to offer.

    Schiller then took pause from lecturing his brunch partner on the benefits of getting outside your comfort zone in order to hastily consume a ham and cheese omelet, his body depleted of proteins and nutrients from the previous day, when he was forced to eat two small meals of peanut butter and stale crackers in order to avoid running into his roommate in the kitchen. The newly single Castlen said she is delighted to finally have the chance to achieve several personal goals that she had no time to concentrate on while in a relationship, such as painting her apartment, catching up on the past three seasons of Project Runway, and training to run a marathon.

    Having such an optimistic outlook on her love life is not uncommon for Castlen, who since reaching dating age has undergone more than 23 changes in relationship status, ranging from long-term abstinence to a brief but intense affair with a married man. I have found at least one strange white person who felt the need to bring it to EVERY party he attend because, well, HE thought it was funny.

    A few years later, he went to Harvard and turned into a girl. I think the fact that it was founded in Madison, Wisconsin is alone enough reason for white people to love it. Brooks born May 9, is an American producer, screenwriter and director. He is known for producing television programs such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Simpsons in which he created miscellaneous characters, including the Bouvier family , Rhoda and Taxi. They are just the most despised hypocrites in world history, and they could never begin to scapegoat the disparate peoples over centuries that thought they were poisonous to the host culture.

    That lame-ass show even cast a full-blown ashkenazi subhuman Jason Alexander, born Jay Scott Greenspan as an Italian — who totally cannot act Italian. As bad a Ray Romano show, where his brother and mother were also played by jews and not Italians. One Day at a Time — Ms. As mentioned before, it if cease to be White, and becomes….