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ReptiDay Pensacola - Jan. Suncoast Herp Society Meeting - Jan. ReptiCon Orlando - Jan. Expos, club meetings, symposiums, and other events are great places to network with other herpers. Toads Catch Unusual Lift kingsnake.

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Several Cane Toads remind us that necessity is the mother of invention as they found a novel way to get out of an area being flooded by an overflowing dam. They hitched a Lyft, wait make that lift on the back of a local python named Monty. It is Australia after all, pythons just wander the streets there I hear!

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Photo courtesy of Paul and Andrew Mock, originally shared at https: External gills, functional eyes, tailfin--the larval grotto salamander has all three. Currently there are named species of salamanders in the USA. This large amphibian grouping is contained in 8 families of which the largest by far is the Plethodontidae with species plus well over a dozen subspecies.

Among these are species that are entirely aquatic throughout their lives paedomorphic taxa , others which are just as entirely terrestrial, and many that are in between these two extremes.

Most seek seclusion beneath logs and rocks in damp woodlands, some prefer a similar microhabitat along stream edges, and others live beneath rocks and leaf litter submerged in streams, creeks, or rivulets. Terrestrial taxa have well developed, fully functional eyes, some aquatic forms have reduced vision, and some aquatics are blind. Troglodytic when adult and in its later stages as a larva, after hatching the larvae often follow connecting underground streams from the darkness of caves to the daylight outside.

At that point they are pigmented, being a weakly patterned olive brown to tan. They then have functional eyes, 3 pairs of external gills, and a well-developed tailfin.

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During the daylight hours they, like many aquatic salamanders, hide beneath rocks and stream bottom debris. On cloudy days and at night they are more inclined to depart their lairs, swimming and foraging in the open. After a larval duration of several years the 3 or 4 inch long larvae follow their home streams back into the darkness and undergo a metamorphosis that is typical in some respects but atypical in others. Simplified, typically the gills and tailfin lessen in size and function until they are fully resorbed and the larvae become capable of existing terrestrially.

Atypically the pigment of the now subterranean salamander is gradually lost and rather than becoming lidded and terrestrially functional as do the eyes of other plethodontids, the eyes of the grotto salamander degenerate and the lids fuse, producing at adulthood a pinkish, sightless, terrestrial, troglodyte. Welcome to the wonderfully complex world of Mother Nature. Continue reading "Grotto Salamander".

I sure do recognize red pygmys now! The spring of was a long time ago, but it was then that Gordy Johnston took me on my first long distance herping trip. Heat, humidity not that at that time of year the heat and humidity is any stranger to New England , immense live oaks, more pine trees than I had ever seen before, and the possibility read that probability! And the reason I remember it is because when I found it I had no idea what the little snake was. Even back in those long ago days the woodlands were far from pristine.

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I would enjoy to engage you in a conversation on this topic if you are still reseaching it. Hire April to speak at your Singles Reptile dating site. And when reptile dating site open the tank, it would have pressure built up in side.

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