Dating someone bigger than you

Pretty obvious distinction here. I've only seen one woman in my life who was taller than me I'm 6'4"ish but I wanted to nail her so badly. Weighs more, depends how she wears it, but if we're just talking numbers, also yep, it wouldn't bother me on principle. I'm ish and probably 20ish pounds overweight at least. I've been attracted to women in excess of pounds, so as long as the proportions are right, we're good.

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It'd be a big deal to me, because I've never dated a woman who was taller than me, though I've dated a few that were my weight or heavier. I assumed we were talking about fat. I like fat women. I'd be don to date someone muscular too, provided she still looked like a woman to me. A woman bigger than me would be a WNBA player. I could probably make that work if she carries it well.

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A woman who is physically bigger than me without being beyond morbidly obese is rare as heck, so, yeah, it'd be a bit of a big deal. Would probably give a woman who was 6'6" and healthy a chance, though, if for no other reason than the sheer novelty.

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I'm not exactly sure on the stats, but I think it's something like less than 0. I'm pretty big, and while I admire and even idolize some really strong chicks, I don't think I would be sexually attracted enough to a woman who is that visibly muscular. Ya I like tall girls I could do it. But she can't be taller than five inches. And she can't be shorter than five inches for that matter.

Which are we talking here? I like feminine looking women and overly buff women don't fit that ideal for me personally. I'm not attracted to them. I suppose there's probably a point where they'd get too tall for me. Not a big deal for me I've tried dating fatter women, and while it was fine initially, the attraction wore off very quickly specifically because of the fat. I tend to go for very petite, thin women. I'm not attracted to muscles on a woman. I don't think so.

I find small women attractive. I want to lift a girl up every now and then and carry her around the place haha. I'm 6' tall and so odds are no bit a woman who is taller but in good shape is a possibility. Being very fit and moderately muscular is really attractive to me, but huge female body builders - like Arnold Swarznegger size is off-putting to me because it appears too masculine. I could but not sure I would. I like to feel masculine and to me that means ooga booga, me the taller and stronger one. Nothing wrong with a strong girl tho.

I'm 6'2" with an athletic build, so it's a rare surprise so see a woman larger than me.

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Marginally taller, I would be OK with. Although I'm not short so that hasn't been a frequent issue. In terms of pure height and weight, absolutely. Not in terms of obese, significantly overweight though. I'm tall and while I'm certainly not a bodybuilder I have a decent amount of muscle on me. I've never met a woman physically bigger than me where that size was muscle rather than just being very overweight.

I'm sure there's at least one out there somewhere, but fit women who are physically larger than me are so rare that I can't really give an honest answer. I've never met one to even start considering.

Guys would you date a girl who is bigger than you?

If she's pretty and feminine, why not. Then again with my height, they're rare as a fern flower. Taller is usually kind of a turn-off though. I like lithe builds usually, height isn't as much of a factor aside from that for me. Depends on how muscular though. I don't have a complex about being more muscular than though, I've got nothing to prove. Hell, the first person to kick my ass in a sparring match was a girl when I was a kid, that was a good early lesson.

I'm sure I could if I found her attractive. I'm already used to being with women taller than me so it's wouldn't be something too different for me. Sure, men and women both look great when they're cut and muscular in my opinion. But when they start taking supplements and getting to bodybuilder proposals, I think it just looks ridiculous. And I'm talking about men and women. So yeah, I'd date someone more muscular than me, and it's not a big deal. She can spot me! I really wish my brain was wired differently, because if I was attracted to obese women, I'd've been married 20 years ago!

I'm not attracted to overweight women, and I'm not attracted to ridiculous bodybuilder women either. But if there were some kind of 7-foot-tall amazon who actually had a nice build, and her personality and general outlook on life were compatible with mine, that'd be okay. I used to be a chubby chaser.

Study on fat people with thin partners comes to a sad conclusion

I am in love with the flat-chested types now. D Flat is justice! It depends on how big the difference is, I'm mostly attracted to woman with a similar size and weight to me, aka average height and thin. If the difference is to big, I wouldn't want to date her. Depends what you mean by "physically bigger". Well I'm not that skinny but pretty toned and lean but it doesn't really bother me. I love girls with curves or with a bit of meat on them like Christina Hendricks! It's all personal preference and it depends on how much looks matter to you. I'm 5'11 and , so no, I would not date anyone bigger than me.

I'm attracted to smaller women, just my preference. The tallest girl I could go out with would probably be 5'9. I would prefer someone about 5'5 and Like I said, it's my preference. I wouldn't date someone taller than me though, I don't think. I weigh and would probably saw no to dating someone bigger than me.

I am not really attracted to girls like that and it would make me feel a bit awkward. Plus girls who are bigger are usually tall and I am short at 5'7 so doubt they would go out with a shortie.

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If we were the exact same height, I would probably not be interested in her, but it's not impossible. If I were slightly taller, I would be more likely to overlook it. I prefer to date girls who are equal to me in size and strength! I've just always liked short girls, anyone above 5' 5" has got to have an amazing personality.