Im dating a dumb guy

Michelangelo sucked at painting boobs, amirite? Someone please find me a tree to fell. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Why DO smart girls dumb down for men?

Vasko via Getty Images. Here are a few random examples of what happens when I feel intimidated around attractive women I am meeting for the first time: Fantasizing about kicking ass defending her. Using violent sexual imagery. When all else fails, prolonged eye contact to suggest inner intensity. Your shoes look bad. The thing I never think of doing: You can walk home bitches. It's at least half true. While it can be really embarrassing to date a DAFB, it has it's perks.

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The fact that he's so clueless makes him really easy to manipulate. These bros also provide endless entertainment to help ease our boredom by saying funny shit like this every three minutes:. Obvs, the screenshots are gold. I mean who's to say laughing with someone is necessarily more fun than laughing at them, right?

And remember betches, DAFBs are ironically some of the most successful people on the planet. Like remember George W.

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He invaded a country over a word he couldn't pronounce. Women like to be flattered, while men like to be made to feel strong, and clever. A recent study found that 73 per cent of men said they would prefer a stupid, pretty woman over a clever, less attractive one. My feeling is that SMS is bad for both sexes. But that still leaves 27 per cent is that right?

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I had no need to adopt the Silly Me stance with the man who became my husband, as he was a lot smarter than me. Yet when I met my future husband, he was living with his parents, and had a job as an assistant at a local radio station. I was a magazine editor, with my own house, car and designer wardrobe. I would book tables at The Ivy and shower him with Rolexes. I later found out this made him feel small, so I learned to tone it down.

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But in the end he preferred to sleep with a young woman on work experience at a literary festival. She probably dressed head to toe in Primark.

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Is it worth tiptoeing around men, considering their feelings, making them feel big when we could so easily make them feel small? My friend Tina, whose husband is an IT specialist while she is a casting director, thinks the problem lies in the way they are brought up.

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He grew up thinking he was special, whereas I was always made to do housework. While my dad could change a tyre and mow the lawn, as well as pay all the bills, this new generation and I include all men up to the age of 50 feel no obligation to take charge of anything. Which means women not only have to make them feel smart, we have to do all the practical stuff, too.

Whenever I see my friend Carmen around her husband, she is a chameleon: Would he apologise and play dumb when answering a question?

I'm dating a dumb guy. A Guy’s Take on Being on a Break -

But I guess whether or not a man can take being barked at, or pulled up over his pronunciation, depends on his calibre. My new boyfriend had a great career and has more money than I do. He opens doors for me, offers to drive long-distance and summons the waiter, but he enjoys the fact I hand over my credit card at a hotel reception and can change the oil in my car. Thursday, Jan 17th 5-Day Forecast. Why DO smart girls dumb down for men?

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