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The radio show featuring Leslie will include a 30 minute conversation delving deep into the importance of taking things slow in the beginning of a relationship. Tune in Tuesday, October 8 at 1: Last First Date Radio. Love, Dating and the Beatles. The Oklahoman this week, featuring Ambiance Matchmaking. As featured in the August issue of Sooner Spectator. Thank you for reading!

A Talented Team Provides Comprehensive Guidance

Leslie Wardman on National Radio. Love, Dating and the Beatles: A book by Leslie Wardman. For Men's Eyes Only: A Sooner Spectator Feature.

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You also may become his or her universe, which is an impossible burden to carry. A boomer who hasn't learned that it's OK to admit fault and take some responsibility will blame you for any problems that arise.

Number of unmarried U. These seniors made up 16 percent of all unmarried people 18 and older. America's Families and Living Arrangements: A journalism graduate of Oklahoma State University, Paula Burkes has more than 30 years experience writing and editing award-winning material for newspapers and healthcare, educational and Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments.

A Selective & Personalized Process

Singles in their 50s, 60s face challenges. Mon, December 16, Mon, December 16, 1: Related to this story Article: Gag me with a goon Article: A 40s view of the Oklahoma City dating scene Article: A 30s view of the Oklahoma City dating scene Article: A 20s view of the Oklahoma City dating scene Show more. A year later, a corporate takeover left Leslie without a job, but she saw this as an opportunity to start fresh and put her contacts to good use. Leslie founded Ambiance Matchmaking in to make her dream of personalized and compassionate matchmaking a reality.

She joined forces with a trusted friend and colleague, and they never looked back. The team thoroughly vets applicants and selects singles who are successful, well-educated, and commitment-oriented.

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The clientele includes CEOs, attorneys, engineers, nurses, physicians, and other professionals. These high-powered individuals often want a more discreet and targeted way to date than posting a profile on a dating site or approaching strangers at a bar. They hire matchmakers to save themselves time, energy, and stress in the modern dating scene. Clients must fill out an online application and go through an in-person interview to join the database.

The Dating Game: Singles in their 50s, 60s face challenges

The matchmaking company typically accepts 10 new clients each month. Leslie said that something that sets her company apart is the effort they put into understanding the singles they work with and the dating culture of the region.

While the matchmakers use a national database to arrange matches, they take into consideration the different needs, lifestyles, and expectations of singles living in California versus Illinois. When Leslie was preparing to start her matchmaking company, she knew she wanted Taylor Wade working by her side.

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The two met in the s and have become a force to be reckoned with in the dating industry. Leslie and her team of matchmaking professionals take the guesswork out of dating. Another key team member joined the company after her brother-in-law recommended her. While on the elevator, she happened to mention to one of the employees in the same building that she was looking to hire someone.

He said his sister-in-law Janet Jackson could be the perfect fit, so they set up an interview. More like a family member than an employee.