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Blaine's arm dropped onto his shoulders. And it felt so good. Blaine's carefree attitude really was just what he needed. Burt stole a few glances but he didn't say anything at first. Finn, meanwhile, looked like he was liable to pop. There was definitely something on his mind. The good kind of crying.

He wasn't crying for any particular reason. The song had just been so intense - hearing Blaine sing like that. Hearing them sing together like that. Blaine leaned over, already expecting kisses. Kurt gave him a quick little push. He really had just said that out loud.

Blaine was nodding in clear agreeance but still. They had just started dating. Wasn't it forbidden to start talking about things that far off in the future that quickly? Something about dooming the relationship. Because of living up to expectations or a lack of readiness to settle and not knowing each other well enough to say things like that. This relationship was way too new for him to be telling Blaine how he imagined his future wedding to go.

Besides that, Carole and Finn were both giving him very interesting looks.

Finn looked like he was in shock and Carole was generally unreadable. But she was definitely trying to say something with that look in her eyes. Because this is really weird. It's like double date night with my brother and my parents and I'm the fifth wheel. But I think it's too late for you. Kurt scooted closer to Blaine a little defiantly. This was not a date. Everyone froze for a moment.

After the Date, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Then the giggles started. Kurt balled up and tried to bury his in his legs. Carole tried to cover her mouth. Finn and Burt didn't even pretend. Not sure I want to know why it took more than an hour to get to that other one but I'll trust you two know what you're doing on this. Burt still hadn't restarted the movie. Something else was about to happen. It was probably going to be awful. Did everyone expect this? Kurt re-buried his face. I think I'll be the one driving you home tonight Blaine.

He was actually enjoying all of this. Well, that and to protect you. But mostly the first one. Finn groaned again and fell back in his chair. This was definitely a date night and no one had given him warning. Blaine's eyes dropped to where Kurt's fingers were laced between his. He wouldn't mind if this could be the rest of his life. He was still getting used to the feeling of just being side by side like this. Just the idea of being boyfriends.

With their hands completely entwined and Blaine tracing the pattern their fingers made with his free hand. Burt probably didn't know Kurt had shut the door. Though he probably also knew that he had absolutely nothing to worry about. Despite how cute the two had been all afternoon they were also ridiculously awkward. Kurt had too much dignity and pride to try anything while the relationship was still this new.

No hurting you, no getting you into trouble, mind the PDA rules at school, bedroom door stays open even though we all know it won't, all the usual stuff. But I think he does like you. Despite finding you passed out in my bed. Because you'd been drinking too much to drive home. I haven't told you yet about the time I got drunk before school, have I?

I got sick all over Miss Pillsbury's shoes. She's the one with the cleaning problem. Because I wanted you to see the best sides of me at all times. Shue was trying to make friends with all of us and she gave me all kinds of alcohol, told me it'd make things better.

I listened to her. But long story short my dad and I had a very, very long talk about drinking.

And he's actually really cool about it. As long as we're being safe and not doing anything stupid and not becoming alcoholics he's pretty much ok with us having some fun once in a while.

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And by us I mean kids in general. And by once in a while I mean very rarely. But he still had a home and they weren't trying to 'fix' him.

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At least not by strong interventions. He just watched though, not sure what to say at all. That'd probably blow his mind. I get to surprise everyone everywhere I go at all times by never conforming to their ideas of me or my family.