Facts about dating a nigerian man

If he fails to do so, he would be regarded as an irresponsible man in his own community; Nigerian men are expected to be independent by thirty at most.

The average Nigerian man believes in a family and the men are expected to take up all the bills at home. Well, I guess that comes with life.

6 things you didn't know about dating Yoruba boys

But the main question is — Why Nigerian guys in Diaspore go home to marry the accredited innocent and yet un-spoiled girl back in their country instead of the white chick they have been cuddling all year long?? African men believe that independent women and women with western upbringing are already spoiled and finds it very difficult to cope as tradition demands.

Like going into the kitchen everyday to prepare his favorite recipe or give it to them the way they want it on bed. African men in general see the women as a helper who they have to love, pamper and dominate and they want her to remain thus, not another bread winner or some sort of competition. Clubbing, excessive partying, alcohol is considered highly indecent for a Nigerian wife while the white woman considers them a sort of get-away.

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The simple Nigerian girl is willing to submit and be a real wife to an African man, by so doing she enjoys unhindered love and lavish that she initially never bargained for. A Nigerian women finds savorable love in humility, a quality that Nigerian men are yet to find in women with western upbringing. And that brings me to yet another tip about Men from Nigerian — They prefer church wedding to court marriage, in fact, only about 2 percent of all couples in Nigeria had court marriage, the rest follow the normal trend, — introduction, traditional and then church wedding no court nothing. Here is where it goes wrong most of the times… dating a Nigerian guy, white women often find it difficult to cope, they think we are domineering and demanding.


But frankly, you can date and marry a handsome Nigerian guy any day if you are willing and able to be a good wife. Nigerian men want to control everything. Even my message is awaiting approval to be published. You plan to go through life unchecked?

I noticed that often you guys are attracted to the bad guys. You meet a man in a strip club and you expect him to be a saint?

10 different types of women Nigerian men want to marry ▷ grancontranscale.cf

Take your time to study a man before commuting, spend time courting each other. If you avoid certain principles you get bitten. I just started dating a Nagerian man. Such a great personality on him. But the populace as a whole does not give Yoruba boys much choice when it comes to their heart-breaking moves. Ladies seem to be all over them and do not give them the chance to miss other ladies who sashayed out of their lives. Lol, do not shoot me.

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That was on a lighter note. But as a matter of fact, these guys are irresistible.

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Now what makes Yoruba boys different from every other guy out there? Men cheat, lie and play girls. The fact that a cheating guy is from that tribe in Nigeria does not mean every other Yoruba boy would be just the same. Hausa boys also act smart on some unsuspecting Aisha and Halima. And an Igbo boy may be sleeping with Nnenna and Nkechi at the same time.

Do you know the amount of fun you could have dating a Yoruba boy? Well, Yoruba boys are so interesting they turn up at almost every event. Ever seen them showing up at an engagement ceremony? You would love to follow one home immediately. And when you finally have a son, you would love to dress him up the Yoruba way.