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Take the era's starting year, add the era year, and subtract 1. For example, Heisei year 3 would correspond to year 1 is , year 2 is , and year 3 is Here are the dates for the coins pictured above: Taiwan 1-yuan year 61 Comparison to Taiwan Coins Coins from Taiwan use the same number symbols as Japanese coins, so it is easy to mistake them for each other. Taiwan coins will of course not have one of the 4 Japanese emperor era names listed above, and frequently have the flower symbol shown here.

The Japanese 5-yen coin is about 22 millimeters in diameter and 1.

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To obtain a record of the dosage of neutrons released as a result of the accident, we collected exposed coins from people's houses at distances — m from the facility. They concluded that the coin could offer information about the total neutron effect during the accident, and about shielding by modern Japanese houses, given that the coins were recovered from indoors.

The following are circulation dates which cover Emperor Hirohito 's reign.

The dates below correspond with the 23rd to the 64th year last of his reign. In only, two different styles of writing were used before a more modern one was established in This second style of writing was used until when the current script of Japanese took its place in the following year.

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The following are circulation dates in the reign of the current Emperor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Five yen Japan Value 5 Japanese yen Mass 3. In some cases the date is written with Arabic numerals, e. These symbols are available in the converter on the lefthand side of this page.

Keep in mind the following: The final calculation in the algorithm is: Getting back to our example: Let us now summarize what we know about the manual Japanese year calculation algorithm:. Again, keep in mind that Japanese characters may be written in the reverse order, i. There's a peculiarity concerning the years , etc. As stated in the converter, the year zero of the corresponding era applied to the date on those coins was B.

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These dates are taken from the Japanese Shinto dynastic calendar. The Dutch East Indies was the Dutch colony that became modern Indonesia following World War II — in , when Indonesian nationalists declared independence after the period of the Japanese occupation. This picture source shows the growth of territory of the Netherlands East Indies during XVIII—XX centuries, and this piece of the world political map shows both Japan and Indonesia, so that you can understand the distance between them.

The following issues were struck at the Osaka Mint.

Japan 50 Yen Coin 1974 - Year 49 Showa Era

The war situation had worsened to the point that shipping the coins to the destination point, i. Consequently, almost the entire issue — from 69 to million coins, depending on the coin type — was lost or remelted at the mint. So this is why these occupation coins are relatively rare and have a high market value.

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This puppet state was established on March 1, and ceased on August 19, A photograph of Puyi is shown on the right. The date was usually specified on the lower part of the obverse side of the coin. Keep in mind that all inscriptions were made right to left.

In the picture below you can see a coin made of bronze issued for the puppet state of Manchukuo.