No water hookup for fridge

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Your Family Hub refrigerator can provide you with refreshing ice and water all year long So making the proper connection is a crucial.

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There are a few things you need to make sure of while installing the water line, so please pay close attention! For the ice maker to operate properly, a water pressure of psi is required. If the refrigerator is installed in an area with low water pressure below 20 psi , you can install a booster pump to compensate for the low pressure.

Do not re-use an old hose set.

Shut off the main water source and then insert the pipe clamp B and the shut off valve C into the cold water line A. To prevent any leaks, double check all connections. There are several items you must purchase to complete this connection. You may find these items sold as a kit at your local hardware store. Connect the household water line to the assembled compression fitting. Tighten the 07 Compression nut B onto the compression fitting.

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Do not over-tighten the 07 Compression nut B. Turn the water on and check for any leakage. If you find water drops or leakage in the connection areas, turn off the main water supply. Check the connections, and tighten when necessary. Please take our brief survey. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help.

Connecting the Water Supply Line to the Refrigerator

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How do I connect the water line to my Family Hub Fridge Freezer?

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Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Remove the cap from the water line on the unit. Connect the water line from the unit to the supplied water line kit. At the other end of the supplied water line, insert the compression nut.

Connect the end of the supplied water line to the water supply. Turn on the water supply and check for any signs of leakage. I need to turn on the water supply for a new fridge that makes ice and water.

Get water to fridge/freezer without water line

I turned the valve behind the fridge to the on position but water is not coming out. I can not locate any other valve that will turn it on. I would hate to spend a lot of money on a plumber if it is something simple. I paid enough for the fridge already! When you first turned the valve on, did you hear any movement of water at all? If so, the problem lies in the fridge to get any further help here, give us the model.

Connecting the Water Line on Your Family Hub Refrigerator

If not, there is an upstream valve somewhere, or the plumbing is disconnected. If you're unsure, you could always disconnect the fridge, and open the valve a tiny bit to ensure water does come out of the line obviously be careful not to spray water everywhere. If the lines goes down through the floor, and you can see underneath the kitchen floor, you should be able to trace the line back and find any valves.

If it is going through the cupboards, then it probably connects under the kitchen sink. If it's going into a finished space, then you'll have to do some guessing. Hopefully no one was dumb enough to hide a valve behind drywall, and certainly not in the 'off' position, but it's always a possibility.